While on vacation, it’s easy to watch as someone steals your identity. Not only are you vulnerable the moment you leave the house, but you are also vulnerable when you are in your hotel, at the airport or on a train. To avoid this, you must practice common sense and do your best to avoid issues. Think about it, all it takes is one swipe of your card, and you are on your way to misery. With this in mind, here are three tips to protect your identity while you are on vacation.

  • vacation (1)Keep your personal information to yourself: Obviously, you will want to put your contact information on your tags and other areas of your luggage. However, if you want to protect your identity, you will want to keep this information to a minimum. In fact, ideally, you should only put your name and cellphone number on the outside of the luggage. Then, if you do lose an item or two, you can simply call the airline and give them your phone number. After all that, if you need it delivered to your hotel or house, you can provide the information then and only then. Otherwise, if you leave your contact information in full sight, you are putting all your valuable information out there for the world to see.
  • Travel alerts: If you are going to take a vacation, either national or international, you will want to call your bank and credit card company. Think about it, your provider will assume your card is stolen and place a hold on it if you suddenly use it in a new place. When this happens, you won’t be able to use your card until you call in and verify the transactions. However, this is a time-consuming and annoying task to take care of, especially while you are on vacation. Furthermore, when you place a travel alert on your account, specialists can keep an eye out on it and ensure that all transactions are yours. Finally, while out of the area, you may want to put your credit on hold. By freezing your credit, nobody can apply for it in your name while you are gone. With this, you can come home without fear of problems occurring while on the road.
  • Secure your phone and computer: Without a doubt, people will carry a lot of interesting and useful information on their phones and computers. While it’s easy to use a program or two to protect your information, most people forego this. Luckily, with a five-minute investment in time, you can secure your phone and ensure that nobody hacks it. Furthermore, while carrying your laptop and smartphone, don’t keep it out of sight. If you do, someone can easily access the information. Finally, while on a wireless network, don’t’ do any banking, unless necessary. Think about it, whether you are at a hotel or coffee shop, sophisticated hackers can steal your information, and identity, quickly.
When you head out of town, whether to a city in the same state or across the world, you will want to take these three simple steps to protect your credit and identity. Luckily, if you do so, you will help your cause and avoid becoming a victim of a very serious problem that affects plenty of people worldwide.