phone vishingWhat is Vishing?

Vishing is a method of identity theft where a thief will attempt to “fish” for your personal information via a phone call.  They generally pretend to be someone from a trusted source such as bank or credit card in the hopes you will give them sensitive information they can use to steal your identity.

How Does Vishing Occur?

Vishing thieves like to play the numbers.  They use automated phone systems to leave messages indicating there’s an issue with your debit card or bank accounts.  The message will leave a phone number for you to call or sometimes a website address where you will be asked to verify your identity by submitting some form of personal information.  Unfortunately you’ll be playing right into the scam and handing over your personal information on a silver platter.  Shortly after this occurs, your credit card will be used for fraudulent charges, you bank account emptied or worse, your entire identity stolen.

What Damage is Caused from Vishing?  Threat Level – High!

The FBI states that victims of vishing have reported seeing money taken from their bank accounts as quickly as ten minutes after giving their information to a vishing thief and others noticing thousands of illegal withdrawls from their bank accounts after falling for a vishing scam.

Stolen Information Can Include:

  • Personal identifying information
  • Account numbers and banking information
  • PIN

Possible Issues Resulting from Stolen Information: