ATM Overlays

atm overlay image An ATM overlay is essentially a dummy keypad that’s placed over the existing ATM keypad.  It’s designed to go unnoticed and blend in with the standard ATM keypad.  An overlay will record and capture your secret PIN number that you enter when taking money from an ATM machine.  The overlay allows the keypad underneath to function properly, so you can use the ATM without issue.

ATM Overlay Threat Level – Medium!

ATM overlays are generally used in combination with  a device that can read the actual information of your ATM card, such as a small camera or ATM Skimmer.  This is where the real damage can be done, because when the identity thief has both your card number as well as your personal pin number, they have complete access to your bank account or credit card.

What is the Cost to Consumers?

ATM theft, which includes ATM overlay & ATM skimming causes approximately 1 billion dollars in bank losses annually.

Protecting Yourself

It can be difficult to spot a well designed ATM keypad overlay, but you can easily take a moment and inspect it.  Does the keypad look thicker than it should.  Are there different colored parts or materials that don’t match the rest of the ATM?  These could be tell tale signs that the keypad has been tampered with and you might consider finding another ATM to use.  Be sure to report any suspicious looking components you may notice around the ATM including small cameras, microphones, cables or anything else that seems out of place.

Stolen Information Can Include:

  • PIN Number

Possible Issues Resulting from Stolen Information:

ATM Overlay Stats: Contributes to the estimated annual $1 billion bank loss due to ATM skimming