The initial report of a stolen identification and of the opening of a fake charge account at Home Depot in the casualty’s title originated in a Queens resident, in accordance with law enforcement. In just a week, five more individuals complained that they, also, was victimized.

Researchers said they discovered a typical connection: all six had requested loans in exactly the same local mortgage office. Additional investigation discovered nevertheless more casualties, and fraud believed to complete more than $1 million, the authorities said.

The defendants had no detailed phone numbers and couldn’t be reached for comment.

The mortgage office was where the primary six complainants had divulged private financial information when they applied for loans, the authorities said. Many were seeking to become first time homeowners.

But because the quoted interest charges were too large, the candidates took and searched elsewhere. Some learned their identities was stolen when other mortgage companies ran credit checks, the authorities said.

Some sufferers also received statements from Home Depot for as much as $30,000 for merchandise that they had not ordered or acquired, the authorities said.

The quantity of casualties will probably increase to at least 1 2 from the time the probe is done, the authorities said.

Mr. Milton participated in a second kind of fraud, as stated by the police, utilizing other people’s identities to take out home mortgages.

It had not been clear whether Mr. Milton was utilizing these loans associated with his side-line business of purchasing, renovating and selling properties.

Mr. Milton was arrested when he turned up up for a courtroom appearance in still another situation, in which he’s being sued and also faces legal charges, the authorities said. Details of the case are not immediately accessible.