Methamphetamine addicts are utilizing the web to perpetrate identity theft, law enforcement officers and doctors in the United States and Canada say.

Methamphetamine is an extremely addictive, economical alternative to cocaine and heroin.

In America, the situation is growing “in sophistication and dimension” in the West and Midwest, states Robert Brown, representative-in charge of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Robert says meth addicts are also playing phishing email scams and attempting to sell stolen items on auction websites. Many are used by by ID-THEFT rings run by non-substance abusers, he states.

In western Canada, a 2 1-year old feminine meth junkie was detained this month in possession of 3,357 purloined credit card figures, Gauthier states. The figures originated in a U.S. clothier’s web site in Oct 2003, Gauthier says. It’s uncertain how much the girl spent about the stolen cards, or how many she offered, Gauthier says.

The paranoid, adrenaline-fueled lifestyle of alleged speeders, as well as the drug’s results make consumers likely candidates as i-d thieves, doctors say. Meth addicts can keep up for times executing menial jobs, like testing the legality of credit card numbers on web sites and purchasing goods online.

The man has toured several homes where jobs are broken up among over a dozen individuals.

That growth has compelled local authorities to beef-up procedures. Jefferson County Colo. District Attorney Scott Storey claims the county this year began an financial crime device another grand jury to manage such cases.