The defendant, James Rinaldo Jackson, 41, stated when he pleaded guilty in 2000 that he discovered the names of company executives in ”who is Who in US” and compensated $50 to $100 to purchase their Social Security figures from web info brokers. The defendant additionally fraudulently got their credit card numbers as well as other private data, and impersonated his casualties to the phone to get the gems and watches.

Prosecutors stated Mr. Jackson’s casualties comprised John R. Alm, chief running officer of coca cola Enterprises, and Stephen F. Bollenbach, CEO of Hilton resorts.

Judge Batts additionally ordered Mr. Jackson to spend $376,704 in restitution to assist insure losses that have yet to be regained. The defendant’s attorney, Robert S. Dunn, had requested Judge Batts for a shorter term, saying his customer not only taken responsibility for his offenses but also had produced his entries to alarm ”the program as to specific holes that exist that can readily be used and that were, really, used by him.”

The judge stated yesterday that Mr. Jackson’s offenses were complex, extensive and complex.

Using a SSN and bank card info, Mr. Jackson explained, he could discuss his way into getting more data. As an example, Mr. Jackson could understand where his casualties traveled as well as the resorts by which they stayed. A phonecall to your resort bill section could subsequently lead him to even more data, including the expiry date of a casualty’s credit card.

He also sought to understand the numbers of his victims’ lines of credit.

In court yesterday, Mr. Dunn stated his customer, who’s from Memphis, had also created to his consultant, Harold Ford Jr., providing guidance on the best way to close loop-holes that enable private data to be stolen and used.

In a phone interview yesterday, Mr. Dunn stated his customer had continued his illegal pursuits despite he’d reason to suspect he was under investigation a few years past.