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Data Breaches in California Are At Record Levels

It can be difficult to stop your eyes from glazing over when you learn about yet another data breach. All things considered, there is been a constant flow of bad news from Target, Home Depot and P.F. Chang’s, to name a few. But to provide you with a sense of exactly how serious the issue has become, the California Attorney General’s Office has released a brand new report revealing that 18.5 million Californians had private information stolen in…

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“Shellshock” Software Bug May Present Substantial Security Risk

Security specialists have discovered a bug that was new with all the capacity to infiltrate hundreds of countless apparatus. The bug will be called “Shellshock” and professionals stress that it may be a lot more tumultuous than “Heartbleed” proved to be last springtime. Shellshock exists as a defective bit of open source programming that has been composed in 1987 by Brian J. Fox. Shellshock called the program Bash -Again Shell, as well as the code…

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Have You Been a Casualty Of The Dairy Queen Data Breach

Dairy Queen declared late last week the “Backoff” malware that’s been harassing retailers and consumers equally was installed on point of sale systems in 395 U.S. shop locations. Law enforcement officials seemingly detected the violation after fraudulent card use looking to lead back to the ice cream conglomerate was reported by multiple banks. Dairy Queen affirmed that the exact same third party point of sale seller was in operation at all of the locations that…

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The Increasing Frequency of Data Breaches

Last December, several hackers managed to install malicious software into the retail chain Target’s data bases. Happening right in the center of holiday shoping, this information violation left credit and bank cards, as well as added private records of still another 40-million, customers, exposed to id theft. This remains among the worst recorded information thefts in U.S. retailer background. This past April, the ageing web-service AOL additionally reported becoming a casualty of data break an undisclosed…

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