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Identity theft’s is a Major Problem, But Protecting Yourself Shouldn’t Be

Complete identity theft has been decreasing since 2003, when 4.7% of adults stated they were victimized, Javelin stated. Not everyone concurs that identity theft is falling. Linda Foley, manager of the Identity Theft Protection Resource Center, a nonprofit organization located in San-Diego, stated she is noticed no proof of a decline as well as a leveling off of grievances. Javelin President James Van Dyke, claims identity theft is “still an important issue.” But individuals are…

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3 Ways to Help Teens Avoid ID Theft

It’s easy for parents to overlook the idea that their teenage kids might become the victims of identity theft. Since people from a young age often have good credit ratings, criminals and thieves take advantage of this by targeting teenagers. This is true whether a young man or woman is in high school or college. The sad truth of the matter is, it’s only going to get worse as young people use social media and other…

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Protecting Against Child Identity Theft

Child ID theft is a growing problem that can cause major issues when the child gets into their teenage years and decides to apply for a job or college financial aid.  Only then will they have discovered their credit has been destroyed by identity theft which may have occurred years in the past.  Children are an easy target for id thieves mainly due to their perfect credit record, and the fact that parents don’t regularly check…

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